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IDERA is a shopping plaza building project that has been in the pipe line for 8years now.
Lagos is the commercial nerve-centre of Nigeria and the West African sub-region, it is a burgeoning metropolis that is home to over twenty million people and still growing. Political, economic and social demands are made daily on the available infrastructure and markets, malls and products’ outlets. perennially have to satisfy a growing population.

The Philosophy of design: A deep understanding of the environment and the way philosophy, art, aesthetics and scientific principles affect the behavior of man in relation to his habitat. At Akinola Architects Inc., architecture is a tool for making emphatic statements to history on the landscape . It must leave the landscape better than it met it. Architecture must be viewed not just for the immediate; it should be one of the ingredients of the collective cultural perspectives to bequeath to posterity. posterity. The creation of a large, simple and efficient free flowing space, where an agglomeration of traders, buyers and workers can easily interface in an atmosphere of order and tranquillity.

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Plazas are named after the area of the original location in Lagos Island and arranged according to the articles sold there...

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The IDERA team at a trade fair

At the exhibition stand IDERA association Road Show Crew Road Show IDERA train in the making IDERA train Phase plus employees at the trade fair Trade fair exhibition

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Phase Plus Property Development Consortium Ltd.

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Modern International Market with 3860 Shop Units.

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